Microsoft Office Excel

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At Course Completion

• After completing this course, students will be able to: • Create workbooks.
• Modify workbook content.
• Modify worksheet content.
• Zoom in on a worksheet.
• Arrange multiple workbook windows.
• Add buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar.
• Customize the ribbon.
• Maximize usable space in the program window.
• Enter and revise data.
• Move data within a workbook.
• Find and replace data.
• Correct and expand upon worksheet data.
• Define Excel tables.
• Format cells.
• Apply workbook themes and Excel table styles.
• Add images to worksheets.
• Add headers and footers to printed pages.
• Prepare worksheets for printing.
• Print worksheets.
• Print parts of worksheets.
• Print charts.

Course Outline

Module 1: Set Up a Workbook

This module explains how to create a workbook, modify workbook and worksheet content, and save a modified workbook as a new file to preserve the previous version • Creating Workbooks
• Modifying Workbook Content
• Modifying Worksheet Content

Module 2: Customize the Excel 2010 Program Window

This module explains how to change the Excel program window, including the user interface, to suit your personal working style and the types of data collections you work with. • Zooming In on a Worksheet
• Arranging Multiple Workbook Windows
• Adding Buttons to the Quick Access toolbar
• Customizing the Ribbon
• Maximizing Usable Space in the Program Window

Module 3: Work with Data and Excel Tables

This module explains how to use Excel tools to enter and manage worksheet data effectively. • Lessons
• Entering and Revising Data
• Moving Data Within a Workbook
• Finding and Replacing Data
• Correcting and Expanding Upon Worksheet Data
• Defining Excel Tables

Module 4: Apply Visual Effects

This module explains how to change your data's appearance. • Formatting Cells
• Applying Workbook Themes and Excel Table Styles
• Add Images to a Worksheet

Module 5: Print Workbook Content

This module explains how to configure worksheets to convey the greatest possible amount of information and then print all or part of the worksheet. • Adding Headers and Footers to Printed Pages
• Preparing Worksheets for Printing
• Printing Worksheets
• Printing Parts of Worksheets
• Printing Charts

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